• Inet-Cash GmbH
  • Herbert-Rust-Weg 27
  • 59071 Hamm
  • Germany
  • Listed at AG Hamm HRB 5277
  • VAT-Id-No.: DE 239795171
  • CEO: Olaf Kaderka, Martin Szpejewski
  • Contact data:
  • Phone  Tel: +49 (2381) 338-9860
  • Fax  Fax: +49 (2381) 338-9861
  • Email  Email: support@inet-cash.com
  • Data Protection Commissioner:
  • Attorney Daniel Raimer
  • Kanzlei Daniel Raimer
  • Ernst-Gnoß-Str. 22
  • 40219 Düsseldorf
  • Germany
  • Email  Email: office@kanzlei-raimer.com
Note for customers:

No one in our company will ever ask you for your credit card data via email. To acquire any information about the transactions, only the card holders name is needed. Please do not send any uncalled and unencrypted emails containing your credit card data. If you still do so, we will not process your request, but we will delete your email from all systems within our grasp. For further information how to send your credit card data securely, please contact our support.

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