Services & Fraud Prevention (API)

General Information

Our risk management modules provide you with options for maintaining extensive plausibility checks and data correction, blacklists and your own scoring procedures. Our modules are fully customizable to your specific business model and can be utilized in individual combinations and cascades.

Address-Check world

With a connection to our address check procedures, you can validate your client's address data in more than 230 countries. In case of incorrect or faulty address data, you will be offered suggestions for data correction.

Credit Card plausibility check world

This check allows you to maintain basic credit card plausibility checks .

Credit Card Premium Check world

The premium check provides a range of information about a credit card and the client using the card. Both the individual information as below and a risk score value are available for your individual analysis.

  • Name of the bank who issued the credit card (Issuer)
  • Country of the bank who issued the credit card (Issuer)
  • Country of the client using the credit card (via GeoIP)
  • Geographic distance between your client and the card issuing bank
  • Check for anonymous proxy servers
  • ...

PIN verification via callback or SMS world

This procedure allows you to verify the phone number given by a client, either by callback or via SMS. The PIN disclosed to your client via phone call or SMS will also be communicated to you, so you can make use of the PIN code on your own web site for further verification.

Customer Blacklist-Check at

INET-CASH has been providing online payment services for more than 10 years, so you gain the benefit of the extensive blacklists that we have built up over the last 10 years.

Bank plausibility check atde

Payments by direct debit from a bank account is the most common and most popular online payment option in Germany. However, submission of wrong bank account numbers or wrong bank routing numbers can result in charge backs from your bank, with associated penalty fees. Our bank plausibility checks exhaustively validates your client's account numbers and bank codes currently, using more than 100 verification algorithms.